Coding and Debugging

Coding & Debugging are similar to this quote: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Triangle Patterns

There are many triangle patterns which commonly asked in interviews. We are using PHP to print the p...

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Install Dukto in Ubuntu

To install Dukto in Ubuntu then follow these commands. These commands are perfectly working in Ubunt...

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1540056182-apache-maria-db-php-5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7

Apache, Maria DB, PHP 5.6 and PHPMyAdmin Setup In CentOS 7 i.e. Full LAMP Setup

I am sharing the commands for installing the PHP 5.6, Maria DB and Apache in CentOS 7 i.e. Full LAMP...

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Bootstrap Memory True Error

After installing Elastic Search in system if we start Elastic Search it will work because by default...

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Git Hard Merge

As we already know now a days, version controlling are very important and we all do version controll...

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